In the Community

07/16/2009 - Kleinert has been very proactive in the Native American community, most noteably setting up the The Spirit Riders Foundation. The Spirit Riders Foundation is a non-profit foundation that produces multimedia state of the art audio-visual programming to educate, enlighten, entertain and to create positive understanding, hope and action among people and cultures. These materials are designed to foster harmony and understanding by empowering the human spirit, mind and body.

Learn more about the Spirit Riders Foundation by visiting his site at

12/29/2008 - A recent letter from the Zintkala Luzahan Productions highlights our positive outreach and collaboration:

February 10, 2009
James Kleinert
Spirit Riders Foundation

Dear James:

We at Zintkala Luzahan Productions are so excited in regards to our collaboration with the Spirit Riders Foundation.

We feel that your organization has much to offer our new production company in the way of advice, guidance and your thoughtful donation of recording and computer equipment. Thank you again for helping our fledgling company get started.

We appreciate your shared commitment to Lakota language preservation through educating Lakota youth. We feel confident that through the Lakolia Wacinkiksuya DVD and book series, Zintkala Luzahan will be able to assist in the revitalization of the Lakota language.

The Apple G-4 laptop computer with video editing software, video monitor and PD-100 video camera with accessories you contributed are essential to our endeavor. Without your generous contributions to this venture, there is no telling how long it would have taken to collect the necessary components to jump start production.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot from us during the next few months as your insight and experience have proven invaluable.

Also, congratulations on your success with Saving the American Wild Horse.

Thank you again for your generous donation,

Karen Ducheneaux
Zintkala Luzahan Productions
HCR 3Box 121-F
Gettysburg, SD 57442