The Edge of Telluride Trailer

The Edge Of Telluride focuses on the Ski Mountaineering and the Big Mountain climbs of Little Wasatch Peak, San Juaquen, Gold Basin, Alta Lakes and Wilson Peak., and the amazing descents done by Josh Geetter, Kim Havell, Rick Willis, Jason Troth (snowboarder), Scott Kennett and others. Historic ski mountaineering descents were accomplished during the record-breaking season of 2008 in spectacular Telluride Colorado.

Conditions seldom seen allowed for multiple descents of the ominous West Face of Little Wasatch Peak. This face that can be seen from downtown Telluride, has rarely been skied and requires the full compliment of mountaineering skills. When local climber and skier Joshua Geetter broke open the face for the purpose of completing a descent of "The Grandfather Couloir" which had swept his partner 800 feet in a 2003 epic, James Anaquad Kleinert had the camera rolling. Other locals soon followed, and were captured on film completing descents of "The Oblivion Bowl," "The Elevens" couloir and other rarely attempted regional ski mountaineering routes.

The Edge of Telluride takes the audience inside the mind set, challenges and ecstatic breakthroughs of Ski Mountaineering. Capturing the pure essence of the Spectacular San Juan Mountain in Southwest Colorado. The film leaves a deep impression of these beautiful haunting mountains and the athletes that have the nerve to climb and ski them.

Running Time 47-minutes Filmed in HD. The Edge has appeared in Telluride Mountain Film, Durango and Newport Beach Film Festivals.

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